The Harmonic Effect of Different Household Devices

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of my thesis is getting familiar with the harmonic effects of communal consumers. Based on examinations I characterize and classify the measured household devices. According to the results with the help of a simulation program I investigate the resultant effects of several consumers.

The first part contains the theoretical basis. We get acquainted with the characteristics that must take into consideration in the course of the measurements. On the score of these attributes we can squarely reconstruct the harmonic effects of communal consumers. Furthermore introduce the main indicators taking part in modelling and comparing the cases. I give a short summary about the way harmonics spreading on the network. Explain the emerging problems. Finally I interpret the presently effective standards.

In the second part I demonstrate and classify the examined consumers. The descriptions include the measured data as well as the diagrams of the time and frequency ranges. Moreover the compliance examinations refer to the standards.

The third part of my thesis shows some simple example about the correlate effects of the consumers and the conformation of the resultant network retroaction in addition to some mere settings. Finally I examine the resultant harmonic relations of two sample households showing the collective effects of several communal consumers.

On the fourth section I briefly summarize the possibilities I found in this topic. Additionally I present my plans in terms of continuing the work.


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