The Modelling of the Harmonic Effect of Household Devices

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

One of our time’s most important task is to make society self-conscious and motivated to lower energy consumption. We have to ensure a planned distribution, consumption and measurement of energy-generating products. We can see this tendency in electrical energy consuming products, as we find higher energy-class products on the market. This change of consumer structure is influencing the quality indicators of the electrical energy system. This thesis addresses the users’ impact to the electrical network. My aim was to develop a user-friendly, parametric model which can calculate the harmonic current-distortion and its Fourier spectrum caused by a group of consumers.

In the first part of the thesis I will introduce the key terms that are necessary to under-stand the model and the used measuring that will be described later. It also includes the summary of the laboratory measurements that were the basis of the model, which con-tains the measuring and grouping of the waveforms of different light sources.

In the second part I present the harmonic current-distortion simulating model. I detail the use of the model’s user interface. This part also contains the laboratory measure-ments which collaborate the proper operation of the model and their results.

The third part of the thesis includes the model’s behavior with a larger group of con-sumers and a special power supply which presented me an opportunity to measure clear sine currents.

In the final part I analyze a consumer’s operating cycle and introduce the possible future development options of this topic.


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