Grid connection conditions of household photovoltaic systems, depending on the penetration level of PV

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The spread of the applied renewable energy sources systems, can be observed through the the increasing rate of household photovoltaic systems, connected to the low voltage network.

Hungary is significantly behind in that aspect compared to the surrounding countries, but notable progress expected in the following years.

At the time, when the current legal regulation was created, there were no such growth in popularity as there is now, therefore significant changes expected on that field.

This thesis focuses on the legal situation related to the household photovoltaic systems and their connectivity to the low voltage electricity grid.

The text studies the regulations at the time, when the electricity penetration ratio was around the same as it is at now in Hungary, and how they changed due to the rapid spread of photovoltaic application.

Based on that, it analyzes the necesity of revision in the domestic practice, and makes suggestions about potential changes to the legal background.


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