Analyzing voltage and load conditions on a LV system with high penetration of household-size PV systems

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In these days renewing energy plays a more and more important role in our lives. On the one hand the protection of our enviroment came to the front, on the other hand there are efforts for providing a more independent power-supply. In the last years this sector began the path of the evolution.

The people's energy needs gets higher year by year. To maintain the needs we must use varied energy-supplies. Systems using renewable energy can provide energy locally and causes indenpendency for the users. These systems can assure energy at isolated places without using gas or a diesel generator. Green energy gets more popular in the World in some countries you can ask your electricity supplier to supply your home consisting only from green energy. Because of the different efforts for protecting the enviroment the people are ambitious about protecting the places they live in and willing to live in the future. The advantage of using renewable energy is that they are in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and they don't cause cumulative effects like green house effect, air and water pollution.

It is important to emphasize, that these days the appearance of a solar-cell on a roof of a house is a status symbol. This is why we except the people living in better circumstances to be able to afford a PV-cell and help it spread by buying and using this. On the other hand the price increase of the fossil energy sources motivates the people to find alternative energies.

These days the electricity providers are obligated to buy back the locally not used extra green energy. In the course of my thesis I would like to analyze the voltage and load conditions on an LV system of household-size PV systems.


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