Development of HbbTV test portal for verification of stream handling functions at DVB-T devices

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

For decades, the television served to amuse and to get information for people. The analogue terrestial television has been replaced by digital television the end of 2013 in Hungary, it gives a lot of new possibilities for the users. The new interactive television platform, HbbTV takes advantage of these capabilities, that the most popular television manufacteures have implemented in their devices.

The main purpuse of the specification is that beyound the linear consumption, the viewer should be able to interact with the tv program, and other interactive content in such a way, that every device should have a common handling interface and appearance. Although there were some interactive services in the past, but these services didn’t have standard requirements, so when the hbbtv specification was created, it was based on other popular standards.

The present document describes what kind of requirement for an official HbbTV Test Suite, additionally demonstrates some already available Test Suites to validate the receiver and my own Test Portal whereby the tester can check the Test cases on his device.

This document contains a User Manual for testers and a Technical Manual for administrator. The tester can use the Portal by the help of the User manual easily, the administrator can manage the test cases, and create report based on users feedbacks.


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