Alállomási primer berendezések állapot tényező számító program

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

One of the main part of the electricpower-network is the substation. The network can be regulated partly via these equipments of substations which is crucial at the operating of the network. Though these devices play a very important role so the repairing, replacing of them is important. Nowadays the asset management is getting wide spread and the most used management type is the condition based management which helps to use the equipment optimal. The departmen has been innovating an expert system for this condition based asset management to solve these tasks more efficiently.

The thesis presents first the ground of the asset management then touch upon the condition based type one. It showes a picture about concrete measurement of the condition of the assets which parameters have to be taken account after that the system calculate the conditions to a single factor. With the help of this factor it is much more easier to assess the condition of the assets.

After theory comes the view of practice so how can be the expert system realised with a program. The thesis describes the basic of the necessarry programming languages, their benefits and the required development kits.

In the second part of the thesis an test version of the program has been verificated and validated. It describes testing from the view of programming and also the expert system.

After all the improvement options of the verified and validated expert system is presented. It can be done i.e. with defining a fuzzy system to the existing one or the improvement and investments smart instruments.


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