Configuration and development of HelpDesk system in IBM Control Desk environment

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of the task is to implement six functions. The reporting platform has been designed to work in the IBM Control Desk Self-Service Center, end users are able to record incidents, service requests, and view activities related to their ticket. They are able to comment on the ticket and through that they message to the employee of the service provider who works on the solution of the ticket. They can close the solved tickets. The system escalates and sends a message via e-mail when a ticket status changes. Agent users are able to book their activities on tickets, record the time of the activity by starting and ending dates, doing it in the Worklog. The system sends a notification to the agent users when a new ticket is recorded, belongs to their group. They can change the status of tickets in the Service Requests application under specific conditions. The corresponding service level agreement is automatically assigned to the tickets when they are created. With Escalation, the system notify the agents if there is a SLA offense. By JasperReport Server, the service provider's managers are able to report of activities recorded on customer-generated tickets, they can calculate the time duration belongs to the customers and send them the data. In addition, they can measure user workloads. These reports can be scheduled and scheduled to notify customers.


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