Location- and operation-specific profile controller system within mobile environment

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowdays most people use smart phones for their everyday habits. These smertphones can do everything, what general user want to do in personal computers. They become to a mini cumputer, which can acces the standard user activities. We take our phone everywhere with us, to the workplace, school, gym, and travel. In each situation users use their device with different settings and they have to do set up it manual. They usually forget to set up their settings for the new location or activity.

The goal is to create a mobile application, which can automatically perform this conversion. It have to distinguish between user-defined activities and location. After that it have to set up the configurations, which the user defined. The application provides a profile controller interface, where the user can eaisily add and delete profile states. It will able to share the profile with other person, who use this application too, and the other user can check her current state.

This documentum describes the development of this Android application. The completed program can detect different acitivites and locations, and it can configure user-defined settings. In addition, it can share the data of the configured profile with other users with send it to the server application. This server program saves the sent data to database, and than the other user who is a registered user can query by knowing the


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