Location-based social service for new-generation Windows platforms

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Over the last decade, one of the world’s most influential phenomenon was the worldwide spread of social networks. With this step, the web has stopped being only a read-only collection of sites, the Internet users have become active editors of the contents and now they are also able to share this information with a selected target of audience.

The second, rather hardware trend of the recent years was the increasing pace of development of different mobile devices. Newer smart phones have almost the same computing power as a standard PC, and they are fully packed with advanced sensors and features. At the same time, the PC market seems to be in decline, their place is being taken by high-performance notebooks and touch-screen devices, such as tablets.

The topic of this thesis came from a simple idea: to create an opportunity to share public information with anyone who might be interested in, whether it is a tip, an offering of an activity or a warning about unfortunate incidents. The main idea is to encourage people not to keep their useful knowledge to themselves, but to help others through sharing them.

To achieve this – taking account of the two IT trends mentioned above – I aimed to create a location-based, thematic, social networking service that allows users to share such everyday information with each other, about which they feel it might be useful to others.

“Location-based” and “thematic” together specifically mean the ability to send posts equipped with location data to different, thematic channels, and the users, who have subscribed to these feeds and are sufficiently close to the given venue, would get notified about these posts.

The Notifeed app, which was created within confines of this thesis, is not just a simple application; it is more like a platform-independent service, which will be initially available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.


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