Local-based price-comparison service implemented for mobile devices

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the development of mobile devices reached a significant level that we use them not only to be on line, but also they provide a plenty of other services. We are able to buy on the internet as well. I want to build on this, when I am developing a service for a price comparison website. These mobile environment applications have the advantage to provide to the users visualization of their geographic information, but the different capabilities of heterogeneous devices or limits of the mobile internet connection needs more carefulness.

That is why I will explore price comparison services, handling of database systems, developing of mobile services, and location based services. I will select the most optimal solution from the opportunities and I will realize the proposed service.

In pursuance I will develop for the database system an application programming interface, which is serving the client applications based upon it. These clients will be independent from the database and henceforward will be responsible only for visualization.

After this I will develop the client services, a mobile web page and a native mobile application. I will design the representation of the service for the mobile users, the user interface, and the functions of the service. At this point we have to draw more attention to the mobile devices because of their weaker resources, therefore it is necessary to optimize in a large measure.

After this I will complete these applications for the reason being capable offering location based services, for example finding a store, where I can find the goods I want.

Finally I will do some tests on the applications, wherever I examine and compare the efficiency and the data traffic of them.


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