Analysis and implementation of location based services on the Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today even low-end smartphones are equipped with advanced wireless technologies and sensors. They support at least one Wi-Fi standard, a satellite-based positioning solution and a version of the Bluetooth technology is considered basic equipment. Besides, there are multiple types of built-in sensors for developers to work with, like a camera, a microphone, an accelerometer and a digital compass. By utilizing the capabilities of these devices, we can make the everyday life of our users better or make workers’ job more efficient.

This thesis covers the combined field of indoor and outdoor navigation and demonstrates the design and implementation of an Android application supporting both use-cases. By using satellite-based navigation, the application can guide the user to a selected building starting from their actual position. When the user enters a supported building, the application can detect predefined POIs and use them to determine the position of the user in the corresponding floor of a given building. Furthermore, the application supports navigation by predefines routes, thus supporting the creation of events, guided tours or inspection routes.

The thesis also documents a research on technologies available for aiding indoor navigation, inspects some methods that can be used for positioning and navigation and analyzes existing solutions for indoor navigation while rating them by usability and supported features. The thesis covers the whole development process of the Android application starting with the specification and going through architecture planning, UI planning, implementation and testing. Finally, the thesis is concluded by the evaluation of the development process and the finished application.


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