Place Finder Application on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays smartphones are becoming increasingly popular for users and developers alike. The number of applications which try to take advantage of the additional features offered by the devices, for instance the positioning system, is increasing. As a result of this tendency, the location-based applications that take account of the user’s current location are very popular. Because of the fact that the number of the downloadable applications is increasing there are several different applications which fundamentally perform the same function. In addition more and more developers are trying to motivate the users to use their application more and do not switch to another one.

In this dissertation my goal was to learn about the location-based services, the gamification and to create an application for searching places that meets the requirements of the users, takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the Android platform and is suitable for mobile devices.

With this application users will be able to find nearby places considering their needs. They will be able to save their favorite places, rate them or write a review about them, what is more, new places can be added to the system. While using the application, users can collect points and achievements and gain ranks as well. Furthermore they can compare their results with other users. Thus they may be motivated enough to use the application regularly and add high quality content.


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