Location detection in 3G/4G Systems

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The thesis presents the evolution of mobilsystem from the beginning to the present and talks about the future direction. The next topic of the work is about the localization algorythm, inter alia GPS-based, and non-GPS-based solutions, for example signal strength-based, time-based and cell-id solutions.

Then the details about the time-based positioning, within TDoA algorythm in simulation environments.

The dissertation uses the D1.1.2v1.1 version of WINNER II Phase Model from WINNER research-team. The WINNER model needs the MATLAB mathematical software. The simulation program of the thesis is created in this software environment. It implements the TDoA algorythm. The dissertation presents the structure and the functioning of this simulation model.

The essay delineates the simulation’s results and the inaccuracy of TDoA positioning in different simulation environments in different simulation network adjustment. It documents, illustrates and estimates this results and gives suggestion to the options of further development.


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