Examination of Localization and Path Flollowing Algorithms for a Robotic Car

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Csorvási Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spreading of autonomous vehicles is provided by their predictable and safe behaviour, and

following their track accurately.

Determining the position of the car and controlling it along the track are fundamental.

The goals of my thesis are developing and examining these algorithms for a car-like mobile robot.

In my thesis, in the first part, I review one of the types of cars and tracks possible models. Furthermore, I explain the detail of my robot's features and properties.

In the second part, I will present the methods of measurement units used in the car industry. Then, I describe the features of car-like robot’s sensors. I deal with the arriving signals from robot, too. I will present the Kalman-filter. Therefore, I explain the detail of my robot's sensors and outline the deployments of the possible sensor fusion methods.

In the third part, I give details of thet track-following control. I simulated it virtually using Matlab Simulink.

Finally, I will description the results of these simulation.


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