Development of a Localization System for Mobile Robotics Applications

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Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis deals with the topic of an autonomous mobile robot’s positioning system. For the correct operation it is necessary to calculate the location and orientation in real time. To achieve this we know different methods. This study shows a technique using three active markers to determine the absolute position and orientation. These markers are infrared light sources located on the border of the robot’s movement area. The system is based on image processing. The aim is to develop an independent device which can be successfully used in the international competition Eurobot. Developing the system all the rules of the competition should be kept in mind. In addition, the designed device can be linked to an ultrasonic positioning system successfully used in the past which gives us a more reliable new hybrid system for tracking the position and orientation at the same time.

This study shows the required knowledge for determining the position based on ultrasound waves and the way of operation of the previously used and the newly designed ultrasonic positioning system. These are followed by the presentation of the system using active markers and the comparison of the two systems based of measurement results.


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