Designing and implementing booking systems for bands and pubs

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays mobile applications are able to do almost anything. They often save us time and energy by placing the desired content just a tap away.

My thesis guides the reader through the makings of an application that creates a platform for bands and pubs to connect with each other. This could be a remarkably helpful tool for freshly organized or hobbyist bands and for pubs that seek live music at their place.

The created system consists of a server and a client. The client has been developed for the Android [1] platform, which has been the most popular mobile operating system in the past few years. The server was implemented in the Java programming language and the communication with the client happens through REST services. The details of the implementation will be presented thoroughly throughout the thesis.

The completed application is able to connect bands and pubs with each other. The users are notified in real time when a change happens to their offers. Users can upload pictures and bands can even upload their own music to the application as well. The option to add favourites is also present. The personal details provided during the registration process will be shared with only those parties with whom the user had a successful, accepted offer.


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