Platform-based development of the hardver level components of a hemodialysis machine's monitoring software

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

The hemodialysis machines are necessary devices for patients suffering from kidney failure. Varied versions are existing depending on the types of the therapy, but each model has a wide range of similarities in function. Taking advantage of the similarities which appear in the function, the developing time can be significantly decreased, and the quality of the software can be increased with the help of a common software architecture’s design. The toolbar of the Matlab Simulink provides help for it with the model-based development on a graphical platform, which C source code can be generated from.

The method gives effective assistance for the most components of the software; although, the hardware-specific components of the software need an embedded software development. In the software generating with model-based development, the hardware elements are represented as objects that connect to the pure hardware element on a common interface. The connection between the interface and the hardware element is made by the hardware abstraction layer that hides the hardware components’ controlling differences from the controller software. The communication is realized on a serial link between the single-board computer on which the controlling software runs and the embedded system that runs the hardware abstraction layer on. During the design of the abstraction layer, object-orientation is required that accommodate the model-based development. The aim is to make a clear and modularly expandable structure.

It is also necessary to design the communication system for the use of the new architecture. One of its basic requirements is the design of the data objects belonging to the two components’ interface that can be handled commonly.

The communication synchronizes the data between the data-objects so the interface’s content designed on the two different hardware, is unified. The time of the development is decreased by the generation of the interface-constructed data-objects and the communicational descriptors from database.

The aim of the thesis is to design the communication system of the new architecture and the related data objects as well as the implementation of the hardware abstraction layer’s selected components.


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