Heat flow calculation for rotating electric machines with cylindrical rotors

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis overviews current cooling methods for large-scale rotational eletric machines

then presents a program written in Mathcad for calculating ventilation and temperature

rise. With a simple fluid dynamic approach, using the Atkinson equation for turbulent

flows, presents a pressure-flow operating point-seeking algorythm for radial-duct

cylindrical rotor machines.

The presented program enumerates sources of losses during operation, and their

distribution for both synchronous and asynchronous machines. Shows a possible heatflow network for steady-state operation and executes an algorythm which generates a

unique heat-flow network depending on machine geometry. Then, using calculated

losses, air flow and the heat flow network, calculates the temperature map of the machine.

Using measurement data provided by CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. calculated and

measured results were compared. The comparison showed that air flow calculation did

not give satisfying results, given no measurement feedback for that part. The heat map

calculation provided more precise results.


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