Design and establishment of an heterogeneous network infrastructure for enterprise applications

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

While the telecommunication companies offer more and more service for the customers, we can see a convergence about the underneath network fusion. Nowadays one multifunctional IP network serve the different services like voice, IPTV and Internet access. This was the primary motivation for my thesis.

Design and establish a heterogenous network to support the listed services above is the primary purpose of my work. According to this, I designed a network infrastructure for a fictitious company which has several sites. With the appropriate network solutions I provided the necessary conditions.

My work started with the presentation of the most important second and third layer network technologies, which are being used in the established system. I presented how they work, and I wrote about their functions.

After this I presented the Cisco Packet Tracer application. According to this simulator capabilities, I established the designed network in the simulator for validation purposes. During this I could test the created configurations.

After the test and the validation of the network plans, I built the whole system in laboratory environment using the available devices.

During the application selection I had to take care about several criteria. Finally I chose different applications for every service. After I configured this applications, they work well on the system. After I finished the establishment process, I tested these applications.


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