Joint dimensioning of heterogeneous wireless access networks

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Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The experienced mobile traffic increase in the recent years caused significant changes in network dimensioning, as the traffic capacity became the bottleneck instead of the coverage constraints, calling for higher density of the base stations, even though there are practical bounds for network deployment density. One possible solution to this problem is the application of heterogeneous mobile networks (HetNet), which is a special combination of various wireless technologies.

In my study I am looking for the best HetNet architecture solution in given physical topology (buildings, streets) and traffic demand. I have analyzed the changing of the dimensioning results in case of adding small cell or Wi-Fi with the current macro network. I fitted a cost model on the dimensioning results which can help to grade the different architecture based on the CAPEX. This study tries to give a future vision about the 5G mobile network traffic demand wherein the traffic demand of HetNet will be crucial.

I have implemented the dimensioning modul in MATLAB environment. The modul can joint dimension the different wireless mobile technology and take into consideration the indoor and outdoor users, the technology specific radio propagation models, the interference in the network and the characteristics of the physical area (dense urban, urban, rural). The traffic capacity requirements to be met by the radio network are fine-tuned by several parameters (user’s spatial distribution, the user capacity demand).


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