Development of a Hexapod Robot

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Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Designing and building a six legged mantis like mobile (so called „hexapod”) robot. By reading this document the reader can track every step of the building process, from the designs and the assembling to the achievement of a moving robot. The hexapod is controlled by an RC radio transmitter. The transformation of the RC receiver’s signal, and the generation of the control signals for the servo motors is performed by a microcontroller, the robot's „brain”. Selecting a suitable controller and building it’s surrounding environment (regulator, signal cabling, accelerometer) is part of the task. The robot's movements (forward, backward, turn) are preprogrammed (burned into C code) and executed by the commands of the RC transmitter. Also part of the task is to solve the movments of the legs, selecting a suitable servo and other parts, managing the control signals. After the assembling part, the reader becomes familiar with controlling the servos individually and as a coordinated group, allowing the robot to be able to make sophisticated moves.


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