Developing Artificial Intelligence Algorithm For Playing Hexxagon

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Dr. Juhász Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The board games are part of the human life, more than five thousand years and their success are not broken until these days. They have simple and specific rules, so they are easy to learn and play. Under the years of course, they improved and changed, some new game appeared and some of them disappeared.

The form of the game is changed too, people used to play them against each other, but nowadays with the improving technology, more and more person play against artificial intelligences. People always tried to find the winning strategy, then after the appearance of artificial intelligences they started to develop better computer players. These players were good enough to beat the human ones.

I used the board game, called Hexagon during my work. It has full and enough complex rules to create artificial players. To calculate the perfect solution players need too much capacity, so they usually looking for an optimal solution

I analyzed the rules of the selected game in the first part of my writing. I examined the possible steps, after that I analyzed the gameplay too. I searched existing implementations of the game and the players to use them as a reference to compare with my solutions.

In the next part, I planned the construction of the system. I made the architecture of the game controller module, the build of the players and I described the interfaces for the standard communication. I planned the user interface for human interactions and simulation setup, than I planned the storage of important parameters and data.

I analyzed the parameters in the third part, which require calculating the optimal next move. I built different strategies and how I used them to make players.

In the next part, I wrote about the programming and the realization and I introduced the complete application, the construction of the application and the complete players.

In the end of my work, I developed a simple and objective method to compare the players, than I run the simulations and compared the players, methods, and I examined the performance of the artificial players against human ones.


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