Implementing a bug report system based on IBM integration platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays, in the area of informatics producing a software or hardver is getting more and more difficult, which is successfull in the business. The main reason is the lack of support behind the product.

My thesis is a bug reporting system, where the customers can make comments, complaints about the product made or sold by the IT company. This notification can relate to a sold software, hardware or even a service. With this program the company leaders can prevent, that they loose customers, which caused by lack of support.

In my work I studied the standards and technologies, which are prvided by development tools. The name of the two development tools are Websphere Integration Developer and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. After acquisition of these skills, I started to planning the project.

In my thesis there is detailed information about each phase of the planning, the implementation and also the subsequent testing, because it is a very important step in the development process.

As a result of the thesis i was able to integrate the two different technology-based development tools then processed the reported bug with this new application. Finally, the software is capable to assign the bug fixing task to an employee of the company.


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