Application of fault detection for vehicle convoys

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis focus on two topic. The first is the inconsistent spacing policy in ad hoc platoons, the second is the problem of saturation. After the problem review we will demonstrate one possible solution.

After we discuss few different vehicles construction, we will focus one unknown input estimator, which can detect the inconsistent spacing policy in the platoon and effects caused by saturation. After we checked the details of the unknown input detector, we will check how it can be used for the correction of inconsistent spacing policy.

This detector not just indicative the problem, it also estimates the greatness of the problems, so we can use it to avoid collisions.

By using this detector we can design a vehicle with adaptive spacing policy, which can adapt ownself to different situations. During the desing we must keep sting stability.

After we finished the new vehicle contruction, we will simulate it in different situations. In these simulations we will see how the adaptive vehicle can avoid collision.


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