Development of fault detection algorithms for lightning control devices

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis is about the development of a new, fault detection function of a control unit designed at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. The new function is capable of detecting and identifying the failures of the sensors and/or the lighting units.

In this report, I describe the hardware setup, the software architecture and the control algorithm of the system, covering the modification of the latter. I overview the theoretical background necessary for the task: the different types of faults and fault detection methods, with special regard to the model-based methods.

I will present the process of fault detection and rules of fault identification, the method used to detect steady state, and the fault duration measurements. The function will be then tested on the Simulink model.

After the development and testing on the model, the function will be generalized, and implemented on the real system with the necessary modifications. I will describe the development environment used for implementation and testing, the communication method used for testing, and the MATLAB script that processes the test results. The function will be then tested on the real system.

Finally, with the knowledge of the test result, the function will be evaluated, and suggestions for further development will be introduced.


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