Error correction algorithms in wireless sensor networks

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Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the process of designing sensor networks the type of error correction algorithm during the communication has high importance. Using a well implemented solution it is possible to decrease the energy consumption or increase the range of communication. After the information theory and coding theory introduction I studied in my final thesis the following error correction algorithms which can be implemented in sensor network environment: Ham-ming-code, BCH codes, Reed-Solomon-code and the convolution coding. In this final thesis I demonstrate, how I implemented the BCH and Reed-Solomon codes. Moreover I write about the specialties of the built-in convolution coding of the cc1101 radio modul produced by Te-xas Instruments. Furthermore I compare the convolution coding, the BCH coding and the Reed-Solomon coding based on their computational cost and power consumption. I also test their efficiency by means of radio radio frequency measurements. Finally I examine the implementations tested by the measurements from the aspect of energy consumption.


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