Integration of trouble ticket management systems

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The most common use of trouble ticket management systems are software development and software testing. With the help of such programs developments can be followed more transparently and more efficiently, broken down by cycles and statuses and adjustments or corrections can be made more easily.

In the first segment of my thesis I will present inf a few words the trouble ticket manager (Remedy) used by Vodafone Hungary, its most important properties and operational mechanics and the software lifecycle management program used by Hewlett-Packard Hungary Vodafone Account, getting into details mostly in its ticket manager module (Defects).

Following that I will show the stages of planning along with the possible solutions and the reasons why I chose the ones used in the program and why I decided not to use others.

The application I created serves as a connection between the systems used by the two corporations in the direction of Remedy – ALM. As soon as a ticket appears in Remedy according to the predetermined examinations it decides if it is required to transfer that ticket or not. If it is then it will get into the application’s own database, it gets expended by the values given by the configuration table and after it acknowledges that that specific ticket does not exist in the prod ALM server, it creates it in the right, predetermined form.

The main function of this tool is to automate for HP the creation of trouble tickets made by Vodafone into their own system and provide a surface where all the tickets can be retrieved which were dealt with by the company after the launch of this application.


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