Automation of troubleshooting coordination in the field of system operation

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Information technology services have become nowadays an essential factor in the corporate world. It is inevitable to operate effectively as it plays important roles in different fields. Accordingly, the uninterrupted functioning of the computer infrastructure is fundamental.

Various economic factors and the development of technology are the drivers of the international trend according to which companies outsource the tasks related to computer systems to specialist organizations.

Information technology operation is a complex activity which has separate tasks. An important process is to fix the occurring problems during everyday operation. The error resolution method follows a well-defined plan but it is often inefficient because its quality highly depends on the human interactions.

To improve the mentioned process, I planned and implemented an application which can check the momentary condition of the managed systems with reduced amount of human intervention. It can also coordinate the further steps based on the errors found. The correct initial diagnosis plays a major role in the process because it determines the further steps. Installation and usage of the application can help making the problem resolving procedure more fluent and efficient.


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