Designing Dependable Networks for Enteprises

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

It is generally acceptable of a modern enterprise informatics network infrastructure that it should fulfill the basic needs of high degree of safety and availability. This term also applies to most of the companies in Hungary, including the governmental sector. Based on my experiences, such organizations are often on a limited budget, hence they have to make compromises in terms of their technical networking solutions. This also means, that it is usually impossible to implement an out-of-the-box highly available networking solution provided by one of the larger networking manufacturer’s portfolio, because these systems are often very expensive. Because of this, there is a need for designing, implementing and supporting a less expensive, more cost effective but still a high quality failsafe networking system.

In my theses I prepare an overview of the topic of the failsafe networks, accounting to the technical differences between one and another solution. Based on the demands of the market, in some cases I reflect on the cost effectiveness of these solutions, and explain why it is possible to use a cheaper, but as in terms of its function still an equally feasible solution. The theses gives an overview on those basic network components that are required to build a highly available enterprise network. I design a failsafe system, which is based on the services mentioned earlier. During this phase I evaluate the designing decisions, asses the possible weaknesses of the network elements in such a system. After this I build a test-network in a virtual environment. The primary aim of this is to prove, that the system designed is able to serve the requirements of a failsafe, redundant network infrastructure, and so I can present the network traffic on such a redundant system. As for this aim I investigate the behavior of the system under normal operating conditions and also under a malfunction – should such a scenario occur, proving that the network I designed is able to serve an enterprise company, where computer network infrastructure high availability is a critical need, so that the companies business can be managed under undisturbed conditions.


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