Development of a hybrid architecture automation platform

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, beside industrial processes, automation of everyday tasks and activities is becoming more and more important. With the evolution of smart home and smart office technologies making everyday life easier, reliable control and remote access of appliances is a problem of paramount importance even in non-industrial fields. Programmable logic controllers used in industrial automation provide outstanding reliability with high cost, so for tasks with less demands simpler, cost-effective devices available on the market are recommended. An example for such a device is the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development board, designed especially to enable the prototyping of applications for smart houses or offices.

This thesis presents the development of an automation platform which allows the user to compile and run standard ladder diagrams and instruction list language codes on the hybrid architecture of the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo board, which includes a general purpose CPU and a microcontroller. The compiler is able to exploit the capabilities of the architecture to execute more complex components of the code on the CPU, while simple operations are executed by the microcontroller providing fully deterministic execution. Taking advantage of the capabilities of the device, the platform also runs an HMI on a web interface, providing means to monitor and modify the value of the selected variables along with the execution of the control algorithm.


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