Application fo hybrid energy storage technologies to support the integration of solar photovoltaics

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis, I will examine modern and renewable energy resources and energy storage devices. As the first step, I will take a look at the processes concerning renewable electricity generation, then I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of solar electric systems by means of data collected from real and existing systems. After that, I will discuss the storage facilities for the generated energy, the technologies and devices required for storage as well as the history how they have developed and which possibilities they will have in the future. Afterwards, I will create a possible composition and dimensioning by means of the data regarding energy generation and storage or the data based on real measurements. I will calculate the energy generating and storage capacities required for energy consumption as well as the loading time for storage. Later on, I will model a consumption profile in a LabView environment and simulate the system by means of the model created in this way in a real environment and check the correctness of my calculations.

I will carry out these measurements by following engineering reality and I will perform approximations compared to real life. However, I cannot create an exact load model fulfilling the requirements of all households as everywhere is different. Thus, I will examine consumption on the basis of actual consumption data for several seasons and I will draw my conclusions based on these findings.

I will focus on cost efficiency and increase of lifetime while dimensioning batteries and supercapacitors during energy storage by batteries and I will make a proposal on the size of an ideal system in consideration of these criteria.


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