Drive Systems of Hybrid and Electric Transportation

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Dr. Nagy István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This paper is meant to represent the opportunities of electric and hybrid driven vehicles to gain popularity, it elaborates problems connected to the electric drive and to the storage of electric energy, and the advantages over traditional combustion engines.

The work gives an overview about the current world-leading energy storing methods, the different types of batteries and other energy storing units. Describes the available charging, and peak performance-increasing methods.

Also, it contains the summary of space vector method and presents the equivalent space vector model of the asynchronous induction machine. All this to lead up to familiarizing the concept of Field Oriented Control.

A Matlab-Simulink project is included, to show the simulated behavior of the induction machine under field oriented control. Three simulation have been run in the simulation environment, by changing either the speed reference (to a single drop and to a more complex function which is intended to represent the New European Driving Cycle) value or the load torque.


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