Unified monitoring of the scaling processes in hybrid clouds

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the semester I get to know to the free and open-source OpenStack private cloud software, with its components and the way its works. Therefore, I created a private network and a three-node computer cluster to install it and use it, and on another server I installed a monitoring software that observes the three other servers. I have tested two different automatized deployment software, but finally I installed it manually with all necessary components, which could start and run several virtual machines and able to scale that.

Besides I reviewed several network monitoring software and I selected the Nagios IT infrastructure monitoring software as the most suitable for my needs. I described the details of installing, configuring and administrating it. I got also some experience with Nagios plug-ins and with the NRPE software. After that I integrated it with the servers that run OpenStack, also on the OS level, also on the OpenStack level.

I had to manage Amazon AWS cloud instances, in order to set up my public cloud test environment. I used my AWS account to communicate the remote management tool, for which I had to properly set the security and firewall settings.

Finally I got some experience the monitoring capability of Nagios on the public cloud, to monitor simultanously the servers under the OpenStack cluster and virtual machines that runs on AWS.

I tested the functionality of the deployed monitoring system, discussed the usability and its performance, and proposed further development possibilities.


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