Developing a powertrain control system for a hybrid drive go-kart

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Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the thesis I’m developing a drive chain controller of a hybrid go-kart for Robert Bosch Kft as a part of “Go-Kart, Go-Bosch!” reference go-kart project. As a member of a team, we build a hybrid go-kart with driver assistance functions from a stock version. It will be able to do autonomous drive at the end of the project.

The challenge for me is evaluate the controller’s tasks, make schematics for sensors and actuators, implement the hardware and software. The base of the controller is a micro-controller that measures the sensors and controls the actuators. The sensors are supplying information about the go-kart and the actuators modify the state of the go-kart using the information from sensors and other controllers.

The controller is able to:

• measure the angel of the throttle,

• control the internal combustion engine,

• activate a high power electric motor,

• control a pair of brush less direct current motors on each side of the go-kart.

In the thesis I decomposed these problems to smaller parts and solved them on my own. At the end of the work there is an electronic controller unit with enclosure which is suitable for testing.


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