Design and implementation of a hybrid educational cloud

OData support
Kocsis Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The fast changing needs of user require dynamic information technology systems. Cloud computing platforms provide a stable base to serve the user needs. In order to ensure the dynamic operation of the system it is essential to extend the platform with hybrid functionalities.

It has become a daily routine in the area of education to use cloud services and because of this, it is important to examine how to create and use a well-functioning educational cloud to serve the needs of the students.

In my MSc thesis I describe the designed hybrid educational cloud system, which is based on an open-source educational cloud solution. The designed hybrid functionalities are available as an extension to the base platform.

During the design phase it was important to provide a general solution for using hybrid resources in the educational cloud. The way of using the resources was another important aspect, in order to be able to perform different scheduling strategies.

The implemented hybrid education cloud is capable to use resources that are provided by an OpenStack cloud. The implemented scheduler is capable to use these hybrid resources in a dynamic way.


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