The development and control of a hydrodynamic focused beam in a microfludic channel

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

Microfluidics is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary field of science , deals with the manipulation of liquids in micro-environments.

The characteristics if the micro-fluid flow are different, this creates the possibility for precise handling of liquids which is the foundation for the microdiagnostic medical devices, so-called Lab-On-a-Chip systems.

My task was to produce this micro-flow phenomenon, by studying of hydrodynamic focusing theori and by designing the microdevice. Based on the focusing phenomenon a few microns wide range of liquid flow can be produced, which is an order of magnitude smaller than the microfluidic technology systems channel-widths limitations.

Because of the focused fluid flow process is unstable, a stable and precise liquid actuation is requested. The focus can be maintained by a possible solution of a feedback control system.

During the semester, relevant parameters of the focusing device by a control theory point of view was determined by finite element simulations, and the control system was designed.


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