Hierarchical incident reporting in cloud environment

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis aims to visualize the hierarchical dependencies for applications operation in cloud environment. This is needed because it is possible that one item's unavailability causes several connected items' unavailability. The notifications about this event arrive the same time without any grouping or any priorities. Even though, only one item needs attention. The thesis structure goes through the service management's continual service improvement part's points to improve the operation regarding availability and to decrease the workers' burden.

The thesis presents the MySQL database structure, which is needed to the implementation, and its uploading mechanism using Python scripts, including the data sources' descriptions. In the end, the thesis discusses the details of the output PHP, Lumen dashboard and API, including the root cause-seeking mechanism.

As a result of this work, the created dashboard enables continual tracking of the applications, realizes the hierarchical visualization and performs the root cause identification.


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