Development of a Hierarchical Communication Library and Application System

OData support
Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays more and more everyday appliance has an embedded system, which controls the

functioning. These devices are part of a network, in which they can function in an efficient


I implemented and improved a high level hierarchical communication protocol in my

thesis project, which provides a general transmission channel through some existing com-

munication technology. Communication protocols can’t use the information that tells us

the position of the node in the network, hence we need a new high level protocol which

extends the capabilities of existing protocols.

To prepare my work I am using the existing protocols to create a high level communi-

cation. I formed the program so that one can use many communication channels. I used

object oriented technology of the C++ language to provide a general and easy for use


I implemented the foundations of the protocol based on my thesis advisor’s specification,

than I extended the protocol and the specification with my own improvements. Thereafter

I developed a graphical client software to use and test the protocol, which made the deve-

lopment process easier. I develop a command line tool to test the protocol entirely, which

checks every function of it and tests the error correcting capabilities.


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