HintMe: Integrating Intelligent Content Recommendation with Third Party Websites

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Searching the relevant information out of the enormous amount of data that is available on the internet takes up great amount of time of people’s life. HintMe is such a kind of recommendation engine that helps one finding the important and useful information instantly. HintMe helps to make our everyday life easier, transforms our habits and saves time for us. It is able to transfer the relevant information out of all the raw data, which can be found on the internet, by the use of several algorithms and self-developing engines.

The recommendation engine can be integrated into all web portals due to its ability to display personalized information depending on the webpage’s content and its user profile. It can be built into webpages that were made by several technologies and the recommendation engine can be used as a third party device.

It is worth highlighting the integration of the system. There are numerous possible technologies and solutions that should be considered here. Ultimately, the value of feasibility depends on the quality of the integration solutions.

I will present three separate ways in my thesis that deal with the start of integration, After that I will pick one method based on several aspects and then will go along the steps of implementation.

Lastly, I will create two webpages as well. One of them will be interactive, expanded with the social functions of business logic of HintMe. The other one will provide documentation of the use of integrational module and the API to the partners; furthermore it will let our customers perform several processes on it.


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