Developing a news aggregator application using Universal Windows Platform

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It has been important for people for a long time to learn about relevant events

happening all around the world as fast as possible. The technical advancements in the past

few decades made the developments of great solutions for this problem possible.

Recently, Windows 10 became one of the most widespread personal computer

operating systems in the world. This brought the spread of the Universal Windows

Platform (UWP) with it. UWP brings several advantages with itself, one of these is that

with UWP, one can easily develop applications for any device running Windows 10

without any problems. For the above reasons I chose to implement my project on UWP.

In my thesis I am going to showcase the news reading application I developed.

The main goal of the software is to help its users to learn about the most important events

happening in the world. Other goals of the program include giving full freedom of action

to the user in deciding what news feeds he or she would like to be informed about and

providing the user with good user experience.

In order to improve said user experience I decided to use web scraping technology.

During the implementation phase I created a webserver in the Python language that can

receive requests from client applications to scrape news articles, process them and send

the processed articles to the client applications.

During the development of my news reading application I found a modern,

reliable and continuously expanding application developing platform in UWP.


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