News portal development

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of my thesis is to present the planning and implementation of a web news site made using ASP.NET MVC likewise the iOS client application for viewing the website’s content. To get an adequate overview of the big picture of the processes set out above, it is necessary to introduce the technologies used to achieve the implementation of the back end and front end side as well. Within the back end technologies it was essential to elaborate the significance of persistence which is accomplished with Microsoft’s SQL Server and Microsoft’s object-relational mapping framework, Entity Framework. Furthermore, I also disclose the state of the art web standards used in front end development in addition to Xcode and Objective-C (the fundamental software and programming language needed to develop an iOS application respectively). Later, I present the use-cases and their associated actors for the website and mobile application. Then, beyond doubt I introduce the mandatory database structure, in particular, the database tables and the relations between them. Afterward, I specify the Web API provided to the iOS application as well as the implementation details of the models, controllers and views of the web interface and its screen designs. Last of all, the communication between the iOS application and the server, the compulsory models and the view controllers are detailed.


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