ASP.NET MVC-based news webapplication

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the most important source of information is the Internet. This tendency means that news websites become more and more important today and they slowly overcome the traditional sources of information like television and newspapers. The main goal of my thesis was to develop a news web application which can compete to the popular news website systems and can satisfy the requirements of this kind of application. The goal of the development was to create an easy to use and arranged web site for the readers which also capable to show a lot of information in an understandable way. In addition, it has to provide opportunity for the editors to modify the content of site.

The ASP.NET MVC web application framework is the core of the website and besides that I used several additional technologies too. One of them is the Entity Framework which helped me to create the database and to connect that from the web application. I made the website’s design using Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework. Moreover I used some other jQuery based technologies too to implement some extra client-side functions.

The implemented web application provides opportunity for further development. It can be extended with new functions using the done ASP.NET MVC web application and can be extended by native mobile clients too.


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