Implementation of loan process and related integrations in IBM WebSphere software environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

All companies doing business for a long time have to face that their IT infrastructure becomes old and out-of-date from time to time. However, the most of the companies doesn’t want to rebuild their enterprise systems, because it would cost too much for them. Inspite of this they still have to do the right steps to solve this problem, before they fall behind other companies in their business sphere.

Services Oriented Architecture gives solution for this problem primarily giving an oppurtinitiy with it’s flexibility to reuse the functions implemented earlier in our legacy systems, and with giving a good tool in our hand to give extremely fast reactions to the new technological challanges. The essence of SOA’s technology is the transparent connecting of the enterprise applications and their integration into a bigger and more comprehensive enterprise IT system by the loosely coupled structure. Under the word „transparency” here we can also mean the covering of different platforms, communication protocols, programming languages or locations.

Therefore the greater a company is it is worth to build up a structure on SOA principles because by them their development tasks are getting much easier, and on a longer distance they can also achieve a great reduction in their development charges.

Achieved results:

By working on this dissertation I have studied the principles and technologies used generally and also in the IBM WebSphere product family of SOA, then I have presented the most important and closely related concepts, standards and technologies for my task.

Additionally, I have planned then - with the technologies of the IBM product family -.implemented the loan process and the necessary simulated back-end systems of a fictitious bank. Then I have also integrated these back-end systems into the loan process, and tested the entire- and the subsystems as well.


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