Selection and design of heat and fault protection of pump equipped with a grinder

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis’ main topic are the choosing and sizing of thermal protection of the Grundfos AP50G pump which has an integrated grinder, and introducing the results of my work at Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. I summarize the different types of pumps and their applications and I write about the electrical motors that drive pumps, and their heating protections. In the first part of my thesis I introduce Grundfos which is one of the biggest pump manufacturing companies.

After summarizing the design problem, I collect some relevant solutions from other companies and from Grundfos. I summarize knowledge relating to the mechanical and electrical construction of the initial model and I write about the manufacturing process. I will write about the tests which were performed to determine the thermal properties of the pump. I did simulations to determine the electrical parameters of the machine.

Continuing this I will summarize what methods of protection exist, I write about how they operate and I mention companies which deal with the manufacturing of these solutions.

I suggest a protection solution, containing the sizing and construction of the related circuits, regarding to the results of the measuring. I will also write about the sizing of the supply cables according to the results of the measurements.

At the end of my thesis I will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen solution and I will show a possible improvement and benefits of other solutions.


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