Modeling and simulation of moon rover battery system

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Debreceni Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The design of a battery pack is a complex and iterative process which must be analysed using mathematical tools and models in order to make such process as quick and efficient as possible. In the case of moon rover the determination of requirements for such application-specific battery system is a great challenge: the energy optimization, load profile-oriented design and dynamic analysis is crucial because the energy source is not constant, electric-consuming elements do not operate linearly and power demand is changing.

This thesis work presents basic knowledge in modern battery Li-ion and Li-Po cells used in electric drives as well as battery pack design and battery management systems for safety-critical applications.

The topic shows different battery modelling, making a literature review of the theoretical background of Li-ion cells and selecting the most suitable for the application. It describes the equivalent circuit diagrams used to design an offline Simulink model of the battery pack, analysing the question of scalability and expandability.

It is also investigated how the load profile and the temperature profile can be taken into account in the model and how this is influenced by such parameters. Finally, sample load and temperature profiles are prepared for the verification of the model and verify the battery system.


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