Heat quantity measurement using TP 1000 microcomputer

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Water is a very commonly used medium for containing and transporting energy, not just in the industrial world (for example the chemical industry), but also in the households. Independently wherever the water, that flows through the pipes, get heated up (a boiler house or a solar collector) or get used up, it is necessary to know the quantity of it, and also the quantity of the energy that it contains.

During such measurements high accuracy and reliability are of great importance. However there is a growing need to visualize and define the measured and calculated values and define the parameters. Furthermore, the need to store these data in some form, to make them usable in the future. Devices, that support such services, must be user-friendly, and must be able to fit into other systems, in order to be accessible in many ways.

In my thesis I write about the designing of a device, which realize the functions mentioned above and measures the quantity and the energy of the flowing water with an orifice plate. For the designing I used the TP1000 touch screen computer.


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