Temperature and humidity measuring station

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays people talk more and more about one's health. It is important to know how great impact has our environment on our body, especially our working place, school and home. If we stay in a room for a long time, where the temperature or the humidity is not the optimal, we can easily catch a disease.

A room's optimal temperature depends on the age of the person inside and on the functionality of it. For children, the best temperature is 23-24 C degree, for adults this value is 21-22 C degree, however the bedroom's temperature shouldn't exceed 19 C degree, then the sleep will be more relaxing.

If the humidity value is far away from the optimum, we can be in danger. The ideal relative humidity is in the area of 40-60 %. Dry air can cause irritation of mucous membranes. It's symptoms are: dry eyes, sore throat, dry mouth and cough. It can easily be helped: plants and evaporators should be placed in the proper room. However wet air isn't healthy too, because it helps the pathogens, mites and fungus to spread. Walls can easily become moldy.

The measuring station, which I programmed during my thesis, gives a hand to control the temperature and humidity of the room.

First chapter: introduction of the used ICs.

Second chapter: tools used during the development.

Third chapter: working of the microcontroller.

Fourth chapter: introduction of the LCD display, the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor.

Fifth chapter: USB communication.

Sixth chapter: the working of the complete firmware.


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