Calibration of Temperature Sensitive Parameter at high currents

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Dr. Bognár György
Department of Electron Devices

In this thesis, basic procedures are developed for accurate characterization of the temperature dependence for some temperature sensitive parameters of semiconductor devices operating at working points with significant self-heating. In particular, steady-state or quasi-steady-state measurements are in focus, not pulsed measurements. Methods based on stepped and ramped temperatures, and single-level and multi-level current settings are discussed. Difficulties due to self-heating are examined, solutions are proposed on how to work around them, and results of proof-of-concept measurements are presented and compared to predictions based on theoretical equations. The correlation between bias current and temperature sensitivity is also examined. Thermal transient characterization of the test fixtures is performed. The measurement uncertainty of the examined methodology is discussed in detail, with particular focus on temperature measurement. The uncertainty of the proposed method was found to be below 0.5%.


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