Development of a temperature calibration equipment

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Rácz György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of this thesis is to redesign a temperature controller device which was designed in this department, to correct its flaws and to improve it, to show the identification of the redesigned device and the implementation of the controlling algorithms.

The first chapter summarizes the temperature measurement methods, especially those which are based on resistance measurement and also temperature actuator methods, especially the Peltier cell.

The second chapter summarizes the design and flaws of the original device and offers a solution to each of these flaws and then it shows the new hardware design.

The third chapter contains the implementation details of the new embedded program in the device and the user interface running on the personal computer, the calibration methods and it's results.

The fourth chapter contains the method and results of the identification and it summarizes and evaluates the implemented controlling algorithms.

The fifth chapter summarizes the results, evaluates the performance of the created device and gives ideas about further development.


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