Testing Homogenity with IBM SPSS Statistics

OData support
Dr. Ketskeméty László
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

In our accelerated world we leave unimaginable amounts of data wherever we go. We do this by browsing the internet, or even in the small corner shop when paying with a credit card. Using these data, it is possible to create a prefect profile about us which couldn’t be done in other circumstances. Our style and our interests can be disclosed.

If one of the companies starts to save these data, and analyze them, then it get a huge benefit compared to its competitors, because it can give us a direct and very personal offer, which suits us everyway, and its more efficiency than a “blind” offer.

In this thesis I would like to demonstrate statistical homogeneity, which is a very powerful device in statistics, and it is suitable to compare two or more samples. For some further information I will show how works the IBM SPSS Statistics software system, which is one the biggest statistical analyzing software. I will do my research on my own database originate from a questionnaire. The analysis is try to reveal some correlation between different customer groups in antiquarian book buying habits.


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